Monday, June 18, 2012

PEPP 2012 up and running!

We've made it through the first weekend of the summer! Twenty-four students from across the state arrived on Friday for what will surely be a life-changing four weeks. The students were at University Hospital first thing Saturday morning receiving shadowing orientation and participating in the first Health Care 101 seminar (the students will be BLS certified by the end of this course). Our wonderful SDA's planned some exciting activities for the students over the weekend. Today is our first "full" day. So far, the students have completed their math and biology pre-tests, had their first 2 hour math lecture, learned about professionalism, and took care of other orientation business. But the day isn't over just yet! Later this afternoon we will hear from Dr. Frank Miller on his experiences working as a physician internationally in undeveloped areas. Finally, this evening we will meet with the 15 PEPP alumni who are on campus in other summer programs sponsored by the Office of Minority and Rural Affairs. This will provide students an opportunity to learn from others just how important the PEPP experience can be as well as tips for success during the freshman year of college. PEPP students will then have the opportunity to connect with PEPP alumni who are attending their respective undergraduate institutions. All in all, we're very busy in Louisville!